If you're reading this is because you want to know about the heads on the wiki. It won't take you long and like this you will know who to ask something at the time you're lost.


The Sophia and Rosie Wiki administrators are a group of members that are of the highest authority on the wiki. They can block users that are mean/vandalizing. These are the people you should come to first if you have issues.


The Sophia and Rosie Wiki bureaucrats are a group of members that are of the highest autority on the wiki. There job is to upgrade the position of the people that have been doing good things on the wiki.


The Sophia and Rosie Wiki rollbacks are a group of people that are given the job to help clean up spam and vandalism on the Wiki in the event when no Admins are around. All new admins will be chosen from the Sophia and Rosie Wiki rollback team.

Chat Moderators

The Sophia and Rosie Wiki Chat Mods are the moderators of the chat, and can kickban anyone on the chat that is misbehaving.

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